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Have you ever wondered how and where to use an all-purpose cleaner? In this short article, we will cover 15 ways that you can use an all-purpose cleaner.

All-purpose cleaners are also known as the multi-purpose cleaner. Which can be used on many different surfaces and for some aspects of auto detailing.


Some brands may have a different balance of ingredients and might work better on certain surfaces than others. But for the most part, all-purpose cleaner is likely to contain chemicals to remove dirt and grime. Here’s a look at 15 ways to use all-purpose cleaners:

  1. Hand Cleaner to remove grease and oil
  2. Washing floors
  3. General-purpose spray and wipe
  4. Use as a pre-wash spray for grease and oil stains
  5. Pre-soak oily, greasy work clothes
  6. Clean bathrooms
  7. Degrease driveways
  8. Clean Waste bins
  9. Degrease engines at dilution of 50/50
  10. Wash pet bedding and blankets
  11.  Clean whiteboards
  12. Remove smoke stains from walls and chimneys
  13. Remove finger pints from fridges and microwaves
  14. Clean your windows
  15. Remove carpet stains and shoe polish


Even though this sounds like one size fits all product. There are additional supplies that you will need to deliver the best results
for most home or auto cleaning tasks.


  • Rubber gloves
  • Disposable cleaning cloths
  • 5-liter plastic bucket
  • Mop


These types of cleaners help eliminate many of the hassles associated with cleaning. Not to mention you are able to
ditch other products and use one that services a purpose for many different jobs. As great as this sounds, there are
some limitations. Keep reading to discover what those limitations are. 


Here are points to consider when using All-Purpose Cleaner


Here are a few tips to keep in mind when using all-purpose cleaning products.


  1. Multi-purpose cleaners also have disinfectants in them, so you can use them to wipe down food handling areas and also inside your refrigerator.
  2. On average all-purpose cleaners can also be used to clean tiles or linoleum flooring. Just make sure to follow instructions on the bottle.
  3. You can use an all-purpose cleaner to get rid of marks o painted walls, but just know that some mixtures can be abrasive and could take off some of the paint. So the best thing to do is simply test out the cleaner on a small patch on the wall before moving forward with using on the entire surface.
  4. Be cautious about using all-purpose cleaners on wooden surfaces. This is because generally most all-purpose cleaners are not formulated to be used on a wooden surface. If in doubt just check the label of the product. Better yet, just avoid using it at all on wooden surfaces. 


Although all-purpose cleaners are wonderful and resourceful products, they have their limitations when using on wooden surfaces. Here at New Vision Auto LLC, we carry all-purpose cleaner and professional auto detailing supplies. Come check us out and browse our supplies. 


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