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Must-Have Auto Detailing Supplies
You’ll Need All-Year Round


  1. Specially formulated detergent for washing your car and removing tough particles
  2. Wash and Wash
  3. Degreaser
  4. Detailing Clay bars to remove tar, animal dropping and etc
  5. Polishing pads
  6. Tire shine and products formulated to shine and protect your tires
  7. Window glass cleaners


Interior Detailing Supply List:


  1. Upholstery cleaning
  2. Cloths and soft brushes for cleaning the interior
  3. Upholstery protector ( leather, vinyl or fabric)
  4. A hand brush for hard to reach places
  5. Stain remover
  6. Polishing product for non-porous surfaces
  7. Stiff bristled brush for removing grime and dirt
  8. Multi-purpose detergent and cleaning brush for floor mats


Where to buy Professional Auto Detailing Supplies
Columbia SC?

Are you well-stocked this season for your at-home auto detailing needs? Here at New Vision Auto LLC, we offer a complete line of the car soaps, wax, and detailing supplies you’ll need to keep your car looking clean between your professional auto detailing visits. Contact us (803) 297-2508 for more information or demonstration. Come by the shop to browse our inventory of supplies.

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