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Why Is Tire Balancing Necessary?

Balancing wheel and tires is an important component of your scheduled automotive maintenance routine. Vehicle owners are encouraged to have their tires changed regularly throughout the year. This is something that you’ll need to have done by the professionals. The main benefits for getting your tire balanced is that it allows for a much smoother drive without bumps and vibration. The second factor is that it prevents premature wear, giving you the most out of the tire than you would otherwise. What happens during your tire balancing service During your tire balancing service, your technician applies counter-weights to achieve the most accurate weight distribution. This allows ...

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Importance of Routine Tire Maintenance

How Often Should You Balance Your Wheels and Tires One of the many things first-time car owners come to discover about owning a car, after all the excitement, is just how much care and maintenance go into having a fully functional car running on the road. Cars require regular maintenance from oil brakes to leather swapping and everything in between. Interestingly, the maintenance never stops long after that very first drive of your own personal automobile. And one of those maintenance routines is the balancing. Getting your tire balanced periodically is a great way to prevent vibrations and get your ...

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Auto Care Tips: Fall Auto Maintenance That Will Go The Extra Mile

Basic automotive maintenance goes a long way toward improving dependability and lifespan of your vehicle. Preparing your vehicle in the fall is a great time to get your car ready to roll into the Winter season. Keep reading to learn how to ensure to improve safety, dependability and avoid costly repairs. However, if you’re looking for a faster and efficient way to winterize your vehicle, schedule a service appointment with the guys at New Vision Auto LLC. 8 Simple Fall Auto Maintenance Tips 1. Clean the Car Interior & Exterior: Before it gets too cold, get your car professionally auto ...

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Tire Aging Awareness: How to Preserve Your Tire’s Lifespan

Tire Aging Awareness: How to Preserve Your Tire’s Lifespan Every tire has an expiration date. While changing tires are a crucial part of proper maintenance, how does a car owner know when it’s time to get a replacement? The lifespan of a tire depends on a person’s driving style, the frequency of maintenance, and exposure to the elements. A general consensus, however, upholds that most tires require inspections and replacement every six years. Others claim that car owners need to change them every 10 years, regardless of how much tread they have left. Driving a car with misaligned wheels or ...

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