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How To Read A Tire’s Sidewall Correctly

How to Read a Tire’s Sidewall Correctly The series of letters and numbers on the sidewall of your tires (Broad River Columbia SC) might seem gibberish, but rest assured, you don’t need secret decoding software to understand what they mean. Each symbol stands for a particular aspect so knowing their meaning is all the more useful when it is time to replace your tires. Type: If you spot a letter P at the beginning, it indicates P metric tires made to certain standards within the United States, intended for Passenger vehicles. The letters LT at the beginning or end mean ...

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Guide To Financing Wheels And Tires

How To Finance Wheels And Tires With Bad Credit Tires are a major factor in keeping your car running properly on the road. Without good tires, you run the risk of frequent flats, and endless missed appointments and safety concerns. Don’t let the lack of funds or resources comprise your safety or well being, you can find a solution to financing your tires even if you have bad credit. So keep the drama, and keep reading to learn more about how financing for wheels and tires with bad credit or no credit at all.   How Financing Wheels and Tires Works ...

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Importance of Auto Detailing and Wheel Care

Automotive detailing, rims, tires, and wheel care is more important than you may realize. Certain components of brake dust can turn acidic and may etch your wheels when they become wet. That’s why it’s highly recommended that you clean and protect your wheels and rims with routine cleaning. How often should you care for your wheels? Despite what you think, car washing and auto detailing are not one and the same. Unlike car washing, detailing goes beyond the normal car wash. Although basic wheel care takes place during a normal wash, wheels should go through more extensive cleaning every two ...

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Everything You Should Know About All-Season Tires

If you are debating whether or not to purchase all-season tires vs Summer or Winter tire, it helps to understand the benefits and limitations of each. All-season tires offer you a range of capabilities, delivering acceptable performance in wet and dry conditions, as well as traction in the snow.   Even though all-season tires are built for the average driver, they are engineered to provide longer tread life. You can also find all-season tires for many types/ models, sizes, load capacities, and speed ratings. With all-season tires, you can expect comfort, dependable traction, and crisp handling. Are All-Season Tires Best ...

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Why Is Tire Balancing Necessary?

Balancing wheel and tires is an important component of your scheduled automotive maintenance routine. Vehicle owners are encouraged to have their tires changed regularly throughout the year. This is something that you’ll need to have done by the professionals. The main benefits for getting your tire balanced is that it allows for a much smoother drive without bumps and vibration. The second factor is that it prevents premature wear, giving you the most out of the tire than you would otherwise. What happens during your tire balancing service During your tire balancing service, your technician applies counter-weights to achieve the most accurate weight distribution. This allows ...

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